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So on Thursday I went out with my friend Kyoshi to Flatirons Mall for a little style advice. We were looking at a total fashion overhaul and decided to just look around and get some ideas before purchasing anything. As we were talking and walking around, I realized that there are a lot of things that some guys just don’t know about. Line, color temperature, form, genre, the list goes on. So, I am going to share some tips and guidelines to put in your VFOGI (Vast Fund Of General Information).


Kyoshi said that he wanted to look taller so we immediately went to the shoes first. He was a big fan of shoes with rounded toes but these will actually make you look shorter. The line from your leg goes down and, instead of going away from you, it gets swung around on the rounded toe. To combat this, we decided to go with a square toe or a slight point. Now, the line from your leg goes down to your shoe, and keeps going. There is no rounded edge to make it swing back around.

There is a difference between this: ____) and this : ____]

The corner on the second one make the line continue straight out since the 90 degree corner is too unnatural of an angle to continue on.

To make yourself look taller, you want a shoe with a square toe. Aldo makes a great looking pair and I believe that Aduro and Cactus have some. They would look something like these:



Line can also make you look taller when applied to shirts. It’s a common known fact among most girls that horizontal lines will make you look wider. Vertical lines will slim you down. This will also apply to shirts for guys. Thicker lines will be better for this because they are a little stronger and draw the eye along that line better than a skinny line would. The BEST way to get lines on a shirt to work for you is if you can get them to slant in at the waist. This will create the illusion of a skinnier middle because the lines draw your eye that way.

Color Temperature:

This came up in the discussion about black on black. As you might all know, not all blacks are the same. Some are “warm” and some are “cool”. This is a little advanced so you might just have to play this one by eye but here goes – In my experience, colors are all based on either whites or yellows (off-whites) (and sometimes blues). The “temperature” of colors depends on their base. White/blue is cool, off-white or yellow is warm. Now you can have cool yellows but that would be because they’re based on whites. This rarely happens so don’t worry too much about it. There are some basic color wheels that I find helpful although they don’t go into the dark realm of these colors. When it comes to blacks, just try to imagine what color they’re based off of. If it’s a dark dark dark red, it would be warm. Dark dark dark blue, and it’s a cool black.

These are some color wheels I found helpful:




This really has to do with the shapes that lines and shadows make. For a slimming effect on legs, jeans can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Jeans that are darker on the inside and outside of your legs with a lighter front and back will slim your figure. It creates the illusion of shadow between your legs, which means that they are skinny. You don’t want an extreme difference in tone because it’ll look super tacky (in my opinion. If you can work it, go for it).

It can also work for glasses. For the most part, square or rectangular lenses are going to do wonders for your face. It will enhance the lines and therefore, the forms on your face. Example: Kyoshi has been wearing rounded lenses for however long so we decided to experiment with some square ones. WOW. He looked totally different in A GOOD WAY. All of a sudden, he was edgier, more mysterious, and his facial structure looked fantastic!

This article says it all:



When looking for a “look”, you have to keep the look in mind when shopping for clothes. A pin up girl is probably not going to rock some futuristic, Lady Gaga fashion. She’s gonna go for the vintage, pin-up stuff. An easy way to tell if the style your trying out fits your “look”, is to look at the advertisements you see it in. If they don’t match your style in the ads, chances are they won’t match in real life either.


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